Monday, 24 October 2011

Patterns in Nature - Nature in Patterns

Welcome me Back :D
New work in process and yes it's about 'Patterns'.
The word pattern can be slippery one. It has a multiplicity of meanings
from a shape, to blueprint, to structure, thread of development
or repetition or a concept. This implies that there are simple patterns
which are repeated in nature to more complex ones that manifest
itself in the largest to the smallest organisms.
Many different structures develop from these patterns due
to different evolutions and conditions in place, however there
is a deep underlying similarity between form produced.

Part 1
Patterns in nature (Photoshooting)


*Wood / Trees



My Pattern Design

After a deep research and experiment, I decided to focus on flowers and plants and pass the message:

"Do not interfere on nature!"

Before & After


[All the work done so far..]

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