Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Self-Directed project

Self-Directed project.

Napkins are something that interest me a lot.
I have a collection at about
four thousand different
kinds of napkins.
This collection started by my
continued by my mother and now
my turn to develop it as much as I can.
Napkins have sentimental value for me.

A historical part of my collection is Napkins
from 1960 - 1969. A collection from my grandmother and
mother. This is my favorite part of that collection because the
characteristics are rare. These napkins
have many differences
with the current. First of all the really bright colors. Then each
napkin has its ownplayful story. And finally, they are all
designed by hand.This might be the reason of being
endangeredand so creative.


Mix patterns


"Napkin is like your close friend. When you need
it is there to support you by wiping the tears
from your face."


Stop Motion


Our feelings come out from our soul.
Butterfly in ancient Greek, Russian and so on symbolize 'soul'.
So I came to final decision to use this symbolism

and continue with these pieces..


Experiment with butterflies


Butterfly is the symbol of human soul and I used it as my symbol of soul for this project..
Bright colors, beautiful patterns, eyespots and many others are some of the amazing
characteristics of them.

1. Napkins, 1960-1969

2. Get Use Throw


3. Portraits

4. Stop Motion 'Butterflies, The symbol of Soul'

DVD case

5. Personalising Napkins & Evaluation